ATM Service

ATM Service

You do not need to spend time waiting in queues at the branch to perform your transactions. An ATM Service provides you with most of the banking services. What's more, you can use the Pavana Bank Debit Card at any Pavana Bank or over 60,000 NFS / BANCS shared ATMs Service in India.

Pavana Bank ATM Service withdraw money anytime anywhere.

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1. More than 18 ATM’s Machine of the bank are connected to Central ATM Service Switch and Customers are able to do all the transactions through any of the Branches of the bank in Pune Area.

2. Now the Pavana Bank Debit card holder can access all his Pavana Bank accounts with the 'Pavana Bank Rupay Debit Card' from more than 12000 Debit cards across all over India.

3. Save Time By banking at the ATM Service, you save on time spent traveling to the branch or waiting for a teller.

4. 24x7 banking because at the ATM Service, you don't need to worry about reaching before closing time and banking on holidays.

5. When you bank at the ATM Machine, you can make the most of its security features like daily transaction limits and ATM Service receipts that help you keep track of your money.