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Frequently Asked Questions


Q1 What is the minimum balance that I need to maintain in the Savings Account?

     You need to maintain an Average Balance of Rs 500/- in the Savings Account.

Q2 What is the rate of interest applicable on the Savings Account?
     Interest @ 4% pa is applicable on the Savings Account.

Q3 When is interest credited to the Savings Account?
     Interest on your Savings Account will be calculated and credited every financial year quarter i.e. on the last day
     of June, September, December and March.

Q4 When will I receive my account statement?
     You will receive your account statement the month following every month

Q5 Do I have to pay for the Cheque-book, ATM Card, SMS Banking.
     Yes you have to pay for only cheque book charges as per bank’s service charges

Q8 What is the withdrawal limit on my ATM Card?
     You can withdraw up to Rs 15,000 per day from your ATM card.

services that are available through ATMs, / CDMs,

Balance Enquiry
Mini statements
Cheque Deposits

SMS Banking : This facility is available across all mobile service providers. The following features are available
                        through SMS Banking:

Details of last transactions
Cheque payment status